Ent Endoscopes from Maxer, Germany

FESS with single chip & 3 chip HD Cameras

Laryngoscopes 4mm & 6mm

Flexible Nasopharyngoscope

Oto Endoscopes


Operating Microscopes from Karl Kaps, Germany

SOM 62 Basic (5 step magnification with long fine focus)

SOM 62 Zoom (Manual zoom magnification)

SOM 62 Supreme (Vario, Motorized, Magnetic Brakes)


MicroDrill & Micro Debrider from Bien - Air, Switzerland

OsseoDOC with irrigation

OsseoUNO Debrider with irrigation

OsseoSTAP Drill for stapedotomy

OsseoDUO Comprehensive system with drill, debrider & stapes drill


RF Surgery for snoring, tonsils, Larynx, head & neck from Sutter, Germany

BM 780 system with reusable and autoclavable probes

Curis System with reusable and autoclavable probes


Stroboscopy System From Inventis, Italy

Highlight Basic System

Highlight Plus System

Video Analysis & Therapy


ENT Burs From Komet, Germany

Carbide & Diamond Burs

Omni 'E' series

Extra coarse Diamond burs

Shaver blades

Saw blades