Neuro Surgery Systems

Curis RF  & Bipolar Forceps


In normal HF surgery, only the outer layers of the cells heat up. Energy does not pass through the cell, where as in curis 4 Mhz energy penetrates inside & is evenly absorbed inside the cells. The result is highly focused tissue effect & minimum collateral damage to the nearby tissues. This feature is most important in neurosurgery. System is multipurpose & can be used by ENT, Plastic & Skin Surgeons also.

Micro Bipolar in steps of 0.5 watts for precision

'Curis' RF Generator for Neurosurgery


4MHz RF output for most precise, gentle co-agulation

Minimum co-lateral damage

P3 pulsed power output

Power can be adjusted in small steps of 0.5 watts

Can be used for Spine surgery also

Auto RF function

Ideal result with super gliss nonstick forceps

Monopolar & bipolar cut modes

Auto start function for bipolar

Program memory