New Generation High Definition Version

Maxer HD Hysteroscopes are designed to provide magnified vision than most other German telescopes. All bleeders become clearly visible. You get virtual full screen image on the monitor even with your standard coupler. HD Hysteroscope gives improved optical clarity, brightness and depth of focus.


New high definition Hysteroscope Complete stainless steel, no plating

These scopes give extra clarity, depth of focus and better peripheral brightness

Increases sturdiness and highest standard of hygiene

New high definition, high speed rod lens system Long life due to laser welding & sapphire tips

Brilliant detailed resolution even at the periphery.

No chance of leakage and high scratch resistance due to sapphire.

Extraordinary depth of focus Glass cone for extra life of fibers for small size telescope

Minimizes frequent focusing and gives excellent depth perception

Adaptability to high intensity xenon lights such as 300 watts.