Electrosurgey Vessel Sealing & Bipolar Resection Electrosurgery with Vessel Sealing
Model - MC3 MCB Optima

Full Function ESU

Argon plasma compatibility

Bipolar Resection

Autocut mode - self regulation

Endo section for alternate cut/coag

Proven 350w with two foot switches

Micro mode for bipolar

Ideal for cardiac & Neuro surgery

Can be used with APC for GI Surgery

Can be used for bipolar TURP / TCRE

Cutting with minimum charring

Less lateral thermal spread


Vessel Sealing – 10mm / 5.0mm Ø

Plasma Edge bipolar resection

Thermocision for thyroid surgery

Automatic recognition of instruments

Hand activation for Laparoscopy Vessel Sealing

User friendly as settings are automatic

Excellent cost / benefit ratio

Wide range of vessel sealing instruments for Laparoscopic & open surgery

Bipolar resection with various loops

Open surgery thermoclamp & thermocision programs

Monopolar / Bipolar

Vessel Sealing

Argon plasma compatibility

Plasma Edge bipolar resection

Thermocision for thyroid surgery

Microcut mode

Full Function Electrosurgical unit

Touch Screen control

Program library with personalization

Continuous tissue feedback

Available in 2 models - Optima 3 & 4

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Gen Surgery_-Lamidey_Noury_-_MCB

Gen surgery_-_Lamidey_-Optima_1