Maxer 300 W LED 610
250 W Dual Halogen
Pridex 300 W
Xenon LED Halogen Xenon

Manufactured by Maxer Germany

With lamp hour meter

Universal Turret to accept various makes of cables

Extra safety features

Constant colour temperature

Effective intensity adjustment

 Can Substitute Xenon

Intensity control-touch buttons

Life span approx 40000

Colour temp 6000 dg K

FOC Sensing Mechanism

 Manufactured by Surgdent

Condenser lens system

30 % more light, no black spot in the center

Dual cooling fan

Two stage illumination for better safety of bulb

Manufactured by Surgdent

Designed & Manufactured as per International Standards

With lamp hour meter

Osram Germany xenon bulb

Excellent air circulation

Adaptability to voltage fluctuations

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Gen Surgery_-_Maxer_-_Light_Source_-LED_610

Gen Surgery_-_Maxer_-_Light_Source_-_Pridex_Xenon