Designers of the world's first scialytic lamp using LED technology

Indirect Light (Reflector technology)

3D Illumination of the operating field

No shadows

No risk of dazzling

Lower irradiated heat in the operating field

Adjustable colour temperature - 4500°K / 5000°K without changing Lux intensity & colour rendition

Electronic adjustable light field diameter keeping lux intensity constant

Laminar Air flow friendly

LED life of 50000 hrs

Choice of built in HD camera with wall or remote control

Models –Single or Double dome

Operation TheatreExamination

Pentaled 81 & 63N – 1,60,000 Lux

Pentaled 12 – 50,000 Lux at 1.0 m Length

Pentaled 30E & 30N – 1,30,000 Lux

Primaled – 80,000 Lux at 0.5 m Length

Pentaled TRIS LED – 1,00,000 Lux


Halogen Lamps