Q: How is 1CCD 3D image obtained?

A : Currently some systems are available with this technology. It uses chip on tip technology. 2 nos of 1CCD or CMOS chips are mounted at the tip of telescope. Signals from these 2 chips are used to from 3D image. Total no of pixels handled by this system is around 4.2 Million.

Q: How is 3CCD 3D image obtained?

A: Dual channel Laparoscope or co-axial stereo Laparoscope is used to obtain 2 optical images at the camera head in which 2 nos of 3CCD cameras are built in. Each optical channel is placed in front of prism of 3CCD capture station. Each image is processed separately in the processor to generate 2 separate HD-SDI output from the processor. There outputs are connected with 2 separate inputs of medical grade 3D monitor. Total no of pixels handled by this system is 12.8 Million.

Q: Do you need robotic arm to hold 3CCD 3D camera head?

A: Not always. Viking Linvatec System head is not very heavy. Hence does not need arm.

Q: What is the difference between 3D image of stand alone 3D Laparoscopy & da-vinci robotic system?

A: 3D seen in robot console is smaller image & surgeon does not have tactile feedback of tissue. Moreover only surgeon at console get 3D vision, where as other surgeons have to see 2D. In stand alone 3D Laparoscopy system, all surgeons who wear goggles will see 3D.

Q: Can 2D camera head work with 3D camera processor?

A: Only same company camera head can work. It is required to be used with standard 2D telescopes which all hospitals generally have. e.g. Cystoscope, Hysteroscope, 5mm Laparoscope etc.

Q: Are the 3D glasses safe to use and do they make me more tired during the case?

A: The 3D glasses provided with our system are passive glasses. Yes, 3D glasses are safe to use. They should be cleaned with alcohol prior to each case. A different kind of glasses used for 3D are called active glasses with shutter movement. These are the glasses that may cause eye fatigue.

Q: Can we use existing monitors and connect them to your system?

A: You can use existing monitors and connect them to our system for viewing in 2D. To view surgery in 3D you will need to use the 3DHD Vision System monitor.

Q: Can we use other light sources than Vikings unit?

A: Yes you can use your existing light source with the Viking 3DHD Vision System, but it should be preferably 300W xenon.

Q: Can we capture 3D video using your equipment?

A: You can capture 3D video using our equipment and a 3DHD image capture system. If you do not have a 3DHD image capture system you are only able to capture images in 2D.

Q: Is it possible to take pictures using your equipment?

A: Yes you have the ability to capture images with our system using one of the buttons on the camera head. The images would then need to be sent to a separate compatible image capture system. See instructions for use for details.

Q: Does the Viking 3DHD Vision System have FDA Clearance?

A: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the Viking 3DHD Vision System for a wide range of surgical procedures in a variety of surgical specialties.