Multiple Applications in ENT

RF volume Reduction of turbinates, soft palate, tongue base for sleep Apnea surgery

RF Tonsillectomy for less painful and precise surgery

RF Surgery for Larynx - Papillomas and Tumours


      Choice of Two models

BM 780



RF volume Reduction for Sleep Apnea surgery

Soft Palate stiffening

Turbinate Reduction

Tongue base surgery


Lingual Tonsils

Micro Bipolar Tonsillectomy

Blunt Dissection, Grasping, Bipolar & Suction, all in one Instrument

Primary Coaptive bipolor coagulation close to the capsule

No necrosis of the muscular tissue

No severe secondary bleeding from deeper vessels

Substanitially reduced postoperative pains

RF Surgery for larynx

Resection of laryngeal tumours


Compared to CO2 Lasers RF offers advantages such as better hoemostasis, less heat generation, low cost of Consumables, Shorter learning curve etc.

Calvian Endo-pen

Bipolar with suction for endonasal & transnasal endoscopic surgery

Different Jaws as per Applications

Improved maneuverability of the endoscope