High speed Rod Lens System - Brilliant detailed resolution even at the periphery

Extraordinary depth of focus - Minizes frequent focusing and gives excellent depth perception

Long life due to laser welding & sapphire tipes - No change of leakage and high scratch resistance due to sapphire

Complete stainless stell - Increases sturdiness and highest standard of hypiene

Glass cone for extra life of fibers - foe small size telescope Adaptability to high intensity xenon lights such as 300 watts.

Wide field of view of 1050 - Covers more surgincal vision, Ensures good image clarity to cover same field


Endoscopy Camera from Maxer, Germany

Maxer 1500  Maxer 2500 HD Viron HD II
Single Chip Camera Advanced Single Chip HD Camera Advanced 3CCD HD Camera

    Advance Image Processor

    On Screen Display

    Surgery Selection Menu

    Buttons on Camera Head

    Freeze Function

    Anti Moire Filter

    Stroboscopy Mode


    Additional RGB output

    DVI-D output-1920x1080P

    Digital Zoom Function

    Image Freeze Function

    Programable buttons on head

    Compatible with full HD Monitor

    Better Colour Renditions

    3 Chip HD:1920x1080P

    Best performance at low light intensity

    Facility to invert or flip image

    Optional-foot switch for Freeze function

    Compatible with full HD Monitor

    DVI-D & HD-SDI output

    Keyboard Connectivity

    Zoom & Freeze function